Sweden lost to Switzerland

Sweden did not make it to the final in the U19 wfc in Helsingborg. Switzerland won the semi-final after penalty shoot-out.
-The team gave it all, says Swedish coach Fredrik Holmgren.

Sweden’s U19 men had three straight victories before the semi-final today. But Switzerland offered resistance not known from the earlier games. The Swiss stepped on it from the start and had 2-0 nine minutes into the match in Helsingborg Arena.

Victor Edberg reduced the score to 2-1, but the Swiss replied. As Felix Lanver reduced to 4-2, the Swiss also scored again, and the score was 5-2 at the begining of the third period. Then Sweden woke up.

– We tried out players throughout the second period to see who had the strike and who had guts. We decided on the top ten in the second break. In particular, one formation proved themselves, and Felix Lanver showed that he is an incredible offensive force, and the way he treats the ball is amazing, says Fredrik Holmgren.

Switzerland was leading 6-3 with four minutes left – that is when the show started. Marcus Karlsson scored three straight goals to 6-6 and the match went to overtime. Above mentioned Felix Lanver assisted two of the goals – apart from the two goals he scored earlier in the match.

No-one scored in overtime and the match was decided through penalties. The teams followed each other, scoring and missing, but in the last round, Sweden’s Viktor Nystedt missed, which gave Switzerland the spot in the wfc final.

– The team did everything they could. But I could have done more. It is obvious that we do not dare play to our full potential, unless we have nothing to lose. And that is a matter of leadership, says Holmgren.

Can you recharge for the bronze match?

– I am convinced we can. We want a medal.




Foto: Calle Ström


Post-game interview

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