Drama as the Czech Republic wins bronz

A super-drama concluded the season for the Swedish U19 men. The bronze match against the Czech Republic was lost 7-6 in overtime.

– We could not find the joy and harmony that we have been looking for for a long time, says assistant coach Johannes Gustafsson.

Sweden had a dream start in Idrottens Hus in Helsingborg. Cheered on by a euforic crowd, Dennis Svensson scored 1-0 and Tobias Claesson 2-0.

But the Czechs cought up. By the end of the first period, the score was 2-2, and after the second, the Czech Republic was ahead 5-4.

Sweden took the lead back in the third. Captain Joel Bring scored 6-5, which seemed to be the winner. But barely four minutes later the Czech Republic equalized and the match went to overtime.

The Czechs settled the match in a power play, thereby winning the bronze.

– It is increadibly tough. We could not find the joy and harmony that we have been looking for for a long time. We have to be critical. It is a leadership responsibility to have players in the rink with confidence and joy for the game. At times during the tournament it was very stiff. That is what brought us down, yesterday and today, says assistant coach Johannes Gustavsson.

Sweden lost in the penalty shoot-out against Switzerland yesterday, and did not fully recover for today’s bronze match.

– Only when we are really in trouble, we manage to play natural floorball. It is unfortunate, says Gustafsson.

At times, though, Sweden showed us really good play and beautiful goals in the bronze match. But Gustafsson does not think this was their best match in the tournament.

– It is difficult to evaluate. I think the match against Norway (premiere match won by 13-2) is the one we should be most content with. But they were downgraded, so it is really hard to say anything about it.


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