Denmark wins gold and plays A division 2017

Two teams with true team spirit played for the B division gold. Germany felt stronger than ever with Tino von Pritzbuer back from injury, and Denmark had Mikkel Skov Nielsen, who has gone from strength to strength in the tournament.

The final would be a real shocker.

In the eighth minute Sebastian Herrmann stroke a long ball to Tino von Pritzbuer, Pritzbuer elegantly chipped it to Niklas Broker, who put the ball safely in the goal.

1-0 lasted until the eleventh minute of the second period. That is when the Danish equalizer was a fact. Rasmus Overgaard’s shot from the center line, found its way in behind Sebastian Spohle in the German goal.

Germany replied instantly. Only 18 seconds later, Axel Kuch scored 2-1 on a cunning free-hit.
But Denmark would come back once again before the end of the second period. At 14.30 Emil Rom Madsen scored 2-2 via post and goalkeeper. The goal boosted the Danes, who then had a couple of big chances in power play, at the end of the period. Germany rode it out though, and scored shortly afterwards, again on a free-hit, but this time it was Marius Mildner’s stick that did the trick.

The game was still even. For Denmark, it was chiefly Mikkel Skov Nielsen, who stepped forward with his fierce shot. At 6.33 in the third period, he took one from the left flank, and put it right there in the far net. At the end of the period he had another great opportunity to score, but just missed as he approached Spohle on his own.

– It was a good match. Matches are always tight when we play Germany, and it is always fun to play them, says Skov Nielsen.

The match went into overtime, and Skov Nielsen got his revenge. After only 16 seconds, he arched his way in and scored the winning goal for Denmark, taking them back to the A division.

– It is impossible to describe the feeling! It has been amazing to be here, and I am so happy I was able to do this for the team. I think we will manage to stay on in the A division this time.



Photo: Fredric Berggren

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