Denmark to final after sudden death drama

Denmark turned a 3-0 disadvantage in the first period to victory against Estonia in the first semi-final of the B division. Still, the last 30 seconds almost killed them.

It was the semi-final of turn-arounds, when Denmark made it to the final. First, Estonia went from 0-1 to 4-1. Mainly thanks to star Tanel Kasenurm‘s true hat-trick.

Then, in the second period, the crowd witnessed a compete change of scenery. The Danes dominated completely and scored four straight goals. When Emil Rom Madsen smashed in 5-4 the recovery was a fact. And it looked as if it would be a fairly easy ride towards the final.

But it turned out to be the complete opposite. Estonia removed their goalkeeper and scored two goals in the last 30 seconds of the third period, the equalizer after a cross-pass and a direct hit at 19.50.

A shocked Denmark were forced to an unexpected sudden death crunch.

Denmark continued to dominate and missed an open goal, before Mikkel Skov Nielsen became a hero. He had a lot of space on the left, took a few steps forward and drove home 8-7, with a resounding wrist shot.

– Incredible! Mark Bek just handed me the ball, I moved forward, tried to shoot, and it went in. A bit lucky – I just took a shot, says Mikkel Skov Nielsen.

A final and a fight for a ticket to the A division awaits Denmark.

– Our attitude brought us here. We work together and fight for everything. That is the key to our success, Mikkel Skov Nielsen concludes.



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Photo: Calle Ström

Game-post interview

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