Canada finished with a victory

Super-duo Chris Haigh and Christiano DiGiacinto were responsible for almost everything in Canada’s victory over Australia.
Canada is the 13th best team in the U19 wfc. After an even first period (2-1) against Australia, Canada scored two goals in power play in the second period. Garnet Bartynchuc and Chris Haigh played beautifully all the way to the goal line where they scored 3-1. At 4-1 Haigh was free in the middle and put a wrist shot in the top corner.

2-4 after two periods was quite flattering for Australia, that at times had a really hard time. But Canada’s stars were far from bright. Perhaps the flying start of the third period was the key to Canada’s scoring another five goals? Garnet Bartynchuc took a long shot from the centre line that found its way into the goal.

Chris Haigh hammered in another two goals – one on a free-hit from the corner and the other from the centre circle. Before that, Christiano DiGiacinto had scored 6-2, assisted by the same Haigh. Canada finally won 9-2.


Photo: Calle Ström

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